• Connect Mortgage Funding, Inc. is a Mortgage Broker and not a Mortgage Lender. In today’s mortgage industry, we believe that providing the greatest brokerage capabilities to True Professional Mortgage Brokers and our clients is the best way to approach the Mortgage Industry today.
  • Connect Mortgage Funding, Inc.’s business practices, methods, processes, and branding which includes logos, colors, styles, slogans, & trademarks are proprietary and anything duplicated and/or inspired from within our offices and/or remotely such as our website or other communication mediums must receive permission in writing from Connect Mortgage Funding, Inc.
  • Connect Mortgage Funding, Inc.’s business address is 29500 Telegraph Rd Suite 250 Southfield Michigan 48034.
  • Connect Mortgage Funding, Inc. does not capture any private data information on our website such as addresses, social security numbers, date of births, credit cards/debit cards, and/or credit report information. Any private information such as those listed above will be obtained verbally or electronically between the applicant and a true professional mortgage broker via other communication mediums.
  • Connect Mortgage Funding, Inc. does not advertise any specific loan terms, closing costs, interest rates, fees, and/or etc; The general outlined attributes listed below are listed for the purpose of applicant awareness as most applicants today are not aware of the below attributes:
    • 3% to 5% Down Payment – 3% to 5% Down Payment is referencing minimum down payment requirements for specific mortgage products. The borrower must qualify for these mortgage products to take advantage of these offers.
    • Waived PMI – Waived PMI is referencing specific mortgage products that require Private Mortgage Insurance. When the Waived PMI option is exercised, the loan terms will trade Monthly Private Mortgage Insurance and/or Borrower Paid Private Mortgage Insurance for Lender Paid Private Mortgage Insurance. The borrower must qualify for this mortgage product to take advantage of this offer.
    • Instant PMI – Instant PMI is referencing specific mortgage products with specific lenders where the underwriting and approval process for the Private Mortgage Insurance application is underwritten by the lender’s underwriters from within the lender’s offices rather than separately by the Private Mortgage Insurance company’s underwriters remotely to allow for greater compliance, reduction in errors during processing, and faster total underwriting speeds for the entire mortgage application itself.